You are born into your family and your family is born into you. No returns. No exchanges.

Elizabeth Berg

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which the whole family can take part. Each family has it’s own struggles and problems, at times, some families might need a little more help or support to overcome a struggle or an issue. Family therapy might look different depending on what your family needs. Sometimes the therapy might consist of just siblings coming together, or parents participating with some or all their children, other times it could include just one parent with one or multiple children. Despite how your family therapy looks, we will help you to overcome your roadblocks and obstacles.

During family therapy, your therapist will assist you in learning effective communication skills to foster listening and understanding, expressing needs and wants to family members in safe and non-threating way, and deepening the connections between family members by exploring patterns of relationships and your family dynamics.

Family therapy can bring tangible results in the form of the resolution of problems that prompted family to seek help in the first place. However, family therapy also manages to “heal” other factors that have a huge impact on the mutual relations of family members. Family psychotherapy not only solves the problem, but also allows the family to deal with the source of current and future conflicts.