Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.

Walter Winchell

A relationship is a union of two different people with their separate worldview, values, dilemmas, needs, and emotional responses. To create a mature relationships with another person, it requires an awareness of yourself and your emotions as well as the ability to recognize emotions in your partner. It is very common that when two people meet and decide to begin their journey together, the conflicts and misunderstandings follow. Therefore, for a relationship to be fulfilling and healthy, it is necessary to learn ways to communicate, to problem solve, and to understand one another. Difficulties and crises happen in every relationship, but not every couple is able to repair their relationship on their own. In this case, the best form of help is couples therapy. In our office, we offer therapy to couples who want to:

  • improve communication
  • learn ways to handle conflict and arguments better
  • resolve past and/or current hurts in relationship
  • become better parents for their children
  • deepen or rekindle their connection, and more

We also offer professional Pre-Marital counseling to couples planning a wedding and for short-term married couples. In a safe and relaxed atmosphere, we will talk about everything that is important in marriage, but sometimes difficult:

  • challenges of the new roles
  • ways to manage crisis and conflicts in relationship
  • sex and emotional intimacy
  • money and managing finances as a couple
  • communication of needs and wants
  • practices to stay connected to each other
  • building relationships with in-laws and “the rest of the world”.