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Edyta Zurawski, LCPC
Licensed Clinical Counselor/ Founder

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and I am here to help you become the best version of yourself! I believe that you already hold everything you need to heal yourself. My goal in therapy is to create a safe place where I can provide you with support, compassion, and understanding as you share your life stories. By building a trusting relationship, I hope to help you learn about yourself and your situation, heal from past experiences, and grow as a person. My work focuses on meeting clients where they’re at currently and help them move forward . I believe the therapy to be a collaborative process where the client and the clinician work together on setting goals and assessing treatment options. Each person is unique and your process is unique. I will hold a space for you that is safe and accepting, and I will work with whatever presents itself in the room to guide you in completing your process and achieving your goals. I specialize in helping people who experienced trauma in their lives. I utilize various treatment approaches to gently assist you in moving from being a victim of trauma to being a survivor. I also help individuals with challenges related, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and relationship difficulties. As a therapist I’m active and engaged. I developed my identity as a clinician who wants to help individuals reach their highest potential and improve their quality of life. I’m approaching every client with unconditional acceptance, understanding, and gentleness. When you come in, we’ll address your most troubling challenges first so you can feel better quickly and then we can work on any longstanding underlying patterns so you can experience greater freedom and personal power in your life. I will motivate and support you to foster positive experiences of your life. Together, we will collaborate in helping you gain and improve insight into your situation. You may find that there is more than one solution to a problem, and there is more than one path to explore.

Denise Jabaay, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Whether you are going through a crises or are feeling overwhelmed and seeking clarity, finding a compassionate therapist that works along with you is key. My approach to therapy starts from a strengths-based approach integrating  proven strategies (CBT/ mindfulness techniques) tailored to my individual clients needs and goals. I have experience working with many backgrounds and ages in the field of mental health. 
My areas of expertise includes, but are not limited to, chronic Illness, grief and loss, anxiety/depression, general stress management and crises intervention. I love to empower individuals of all ages and work on issues through the life cycle and transitions such as adjustment, parenting, divorce, trauma and self-esteem.
I truly aim to create a warm and supportive place for my clients to feel most comfortable and safe. And I am very passionate about helping people discover and tap into their strengths and regain hope in healing and living their best lives.